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Inmotion Air Pro / C1 Pro - Lifty Electrics

Inmotion AIR

Introducing the Inmotion Air Electric Scooter: Elevate Your RidePrepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with the Inmotion Air  Electric Scooter – where innovation meets style to redefine your urban...
Inmotion V5F Electric Unicycle - Lifty Electric Scooters

Inmotion V5F Electric Unicycle

Inmotion V5F, The Perfect Commuting Tool Inmotion electric unicycles are innovative, reliable, well designed and powerful. Inmotion V5F is our most compact and lightweight e-wheel and our answer to the problematic...
INMOTION V8F (2023) - Lifty Electric Scooters


Inmotion V8F, a “remastered” V8 The Inmotion V8F is an improved and more powerful version of Inmotion’s historical best-seller, the V8. Indeed, the V8 has been for a long time the...
Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter 2023

Inmotion Climber 2023 NEW!

Introducing the InMotion Climber: Conquer Every Terrain with EaseAre you tired of struggling with hills on your single motor scooter? It's time to elevate your journey with the InMotion Climber,...
Inmotion V10 / V10F - Lifty Electric Scooters

Inmotion V10 / V10F

Official Inmotion Distribution - Our Products Come With A Solid 2 Years Warranty Reliable Delivery With UPS/FEDEX. Free Shipping Inside The EU Above 2000 euros. Inmotion V10/V10F, Power with elegance....
Lemotion S1 - Lifty Electrics

INMOTION S ONE 2024 Swiss Edition

  Introducing the INMOTION S ONE 2024 Swiss Edition: The Ultimate Journey CompanionFor those seeking the freedom to roam far and wide, whether you're a dedicated home care assistant or...
Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle Latest Version, New Motherboard - Lifty Electric Scooters

Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle Latest Version, New Motherboard

The InMotion V11 is the first euc with integrated suspension. Updated version specs are: Cruising range - 120 km Mach speed - 55 km / h Motor power - 2200...
NEW! Inmotion Challenger (V13) PRE-ORDER - Lifty Electrics

NEW! Inmotion Challenger (V13)

Challenger is a big suspension wheel, which is built like a tank, strong and tough. It's super stable and comfortable at high speed. The width of the wheel is only...


£3,214.00 – £3,284.00
INMOTION RS, The Brute The Inmotion RS is the newest member of the Inmotion family of electric mobility vehicles. Known for its expertise in the field of electric unicycles and...