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Solid Rear Tire For Dualtron Mini - Lifty Electrics

Solid Rear Tire For Dualtron Mini

Description Ride freely and confidently on scooter electric ? More and more of you are dreaming of it… and taking the leap! From mudguards to tyres solid rear , the...
Tire 9X2 Inches (9X2.00-6) - Lifty Electrics

Tire 9X2 Inches (9X2.00-6)

Description 2 inches wide this is what most scooters electric expect from your tire when you want to change it. This is what the Hota , known for its respect...
Tire 60/70-6.5 Ninebot G30 max Reinforced - Lifty Electrics

Tire 60/70-6.5 Ninebot G30 max Reinforced

Description At Innova, the resistance of the rubber of the tires with integrated tube is combined with the efficiency of a well thought out geometry. This is the type of...
Tire 10X2.50 Reinforced Innova - Lifty Electrics

Tire 10X2.50 Reinforced Innova

Description Extending the life of scooter electric cannot be improvised. This is why it is essential to use trusted providers. Innova fits this description well. Expert tubeless in classic inner...
6*2 Inch Scooter Tire

6*2 inch tire

Description 6 inches by 2: a tire with modest dimensions for an scooter electric that wants to be discreet. In line with the expectations of its users, as demonstrated by...
Electric Scooter Tire

8.5x 2.0 CST V3 tire

Description If you are one of those who can no longer bear to accumulate episodes of punctures on an scooter electric , it may be time to change things. To...
Full Tire 200×60 Zero8 Ar Dualtron Raptor - Lifty Electrics

Full Tire 200×60 Zero8 Ar Dualtron Raptor

Description At Lifty Electrics, our choice of spare parts for scooters electric is limited to a single range: that of quality. An integral part of the wheel elements for scooters...