Once upon a time in 2020, Lifty Toy Store magically appeared on the vibrant streets of Dublin and guess what? Since then, our story has unfolded with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster!

Lifty Toy Store - where we've been the star of the Late Late Toy Show every year from 2020 to Now 🌟✨ We've also graced the pages of countless newspapers and magazines, spreading joy and toy love far and wide.

What's our secret? Well, we're a friendly bunch of Irish toy enthusiasts, and we believe that toys aren't just playthings; they're dream builders and giggle machines! We're on a mission to prove that great toys are like tiny sparks of creativity that light up your imagination.

At Lifty, we've got a team of toy whisperers who can find the perfect match for kids aged from 3 to 103! Whether you're in the mood for an electrifying scooter, a zippy electric bike, or a hoverboard that's cooler than a snow cone in July, we're here to make your toy dreams come true.

So, what do you say? Come on over; let's have a blast together! Our shelves are a treasure trove, filled with toys carefully handpicked to tickle the fancy of adventurers of all ages. We've got the world's coolest brands right at your fingertips.

We believe that kids grow through play, so we stock toys that help them build confidence, exercise those inquisitive minds, stay active, and find their unique selves. In other words, we've got the fun, the play, and the giggles – all under one Lifty roof!" 🚀🎈🧡