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Unlock Your Ride's Potential with Lifty's Comprehensive Assessment Service!

At Lifty, we understand the importance of optimizing your electric ride for maximum performance, safety, and enjoyment. That's why we're proud to offer a comprehensive assessment service tailored to electric scooters, electric bikes, electric unicycles, and more.

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation of your ride, identifying any potential issues, areas for improvement, and upgrade opportunities. Whether you're looking to enhance battery life, improve braking performance, upgrade lighting systems, or simply ensure your ride is in top-notch condition, we've got you covered.

With Lifty's assessment service, you'll gain valuable insights into the current state of your electric vehicle and receive expert recommendations on how to take it to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the electric scene, our assessment service is the first step towards unlocking your ride's full potential.

Don't settle for subpar performance—schedule your assessment with Lifty today and elevate your electric ride experience to new heights!

Tyres Repair

Revitalize Your Ride: Lifty's Tyre Repair Service for Electric Scooters, Bikes, and Unicycles!

When it comes to keeping your electric ride rolling smoothly, having reliable tyres is essential. That's why Lifty is proud to offer a specialized Tyre Repair service tailored to electric scooters, bikes, and unicycles.

Whether you've encountered a pesky puncture, wear and tear, or simply want to ensure your tyres are in optimal condition, our expert technicians are here to help. We'll assess the damage, provide professional repairs, and have you back on the road in no time.

Our Tyre Repair service covers a wide range of electric vehicles, including scooters, bikes, and unicycles, ensuring that no matter what you ride, we've got you covered. From patching up punctures to replacing worn-out treads, we'll ensure your tyres are safe, reliable, and ready for your next adventure.

Don't let tyre troubles slow you down—trust Lifty's Tyre Repair service to keep your electric ride rolling smoothly and safely. Schedule your repair today and get back to enjoying the open road with confidence!

Tyre Replacement

Revamp Your Ride: Lifty's Tyre Replacement Service for Electric Scooters!

Ready to give your electric scooter a new lease on life? Look no further than Lifty's Tyre Replacement service, where we offer a wide range of tyre options to suit your needs.

Opt for a traditional new tyre to refresh your ride and ensure optimal performance on the road. Or, consider upgrading to a self-healing tyre, equipped with innovative technology that can repair small punctures on the go, keeping you rolling without interruption.

Tired of dealing with punctures altogether? Say goodbye to flats with our solid tyre options, providing unmatched durability and eliminating the need for constant repairs. And for added convenience and peace of mind, explore our tubeless tyre selections, offering enhanced reliability and reduced maintenance hassles.

No matter your preference or riding style, Lifty has the perfect tyre solution for your electric scooter. Trust our expert technicians to handle your tyre replacement with precision and care, so you can enjoy a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride every time.

Revolutionize your electric scooter experience with Lifty's Tyre Replacement service today!

Controller Replacement

Revive Your Ride: Lifty's Controller Replacement Service

Has your electric scooter, electric bike, or electric unicycle experienced issues due to overheating, water damage, or crashes? Don't let a damaged controller keep you off the road any longer. Lifty is here to help with our specialized Controller Replacement service.

Our expert technicians are equipped to replace damaged controllers quickly and efficiently, getting your ride back up and running in no time. Whether it's a minor issue or a major malfunction, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all.

Before booking your service, be sure to check with us to ensure we carry parts for your specific model. Once confirmed, you can trust Lifty to provide top-quality replacement parts and expert installation, so you can hit the road with confidence once again.

Don't let a damaged controller slow you down—trust Lifty to get your electric ride back on track with our Controller Replacement service. Schedule your service today and get ready to ride with peace of mind!

Battery Replacement

Power Up Your Ride: Lifty's Battery Replacement Service

Has your electric scooter battery reached the end of its lifespan? Don't panic—we've got you covered. Lifty offers a specialized Battery Replacement service to get your ride back on track.

Whether your battery has died completely or you're looking to upgrade to a larger capacity for extended range, our expert technicians are here to help. With our Battery Replacement service, you can trust us to install a new battery quickly and efficiently, ensuring your electric scooter is ready to hit the road once again.

Before booking your service, it's important to check with us to ensure we have the right battery for your specific make and model of electric scooter. With so many variations in voltage, size, and other specifications, we want to make sure we provide the perfect fit for your ride.

Don't let a dead battery keep you from enjoying the open road. Trust Lifty's Battery Replacement service to breathe new life into your electric scooter. Schedule your service today and get ready to power up your ride!

Frame Replacement

Revitalize Your Ride: Lifty's Frame Replacement Service

While it's not a common occurrence, there are times when electric scooters require a new frame. Whether it's due to a crash or exceeding the maximum carrying weight, Lifty understands the importance of ensuring your ride is safe and reliable. That's why we're proud to offer a specialized Frame Replacement service for electric scooters.

Our expert technicians are trained to handle frame replacements with precision and care, ensuring your scooter is restored to its former glory. However, please note that this is a special service that requires us to check with our suppliers for a new frame before the service can be performed.

Before booking your service, please contact us to discuss your needs and determine if a frame replacement is the right solution for you. We'll work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the necessary parts and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Don't let a damaged frame hold you back. Trust Lifty's Frame Replacement service to breathe new life into your electric scooter. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your service!


Elevate Your Ride: Explore Lifty's Upgrades

Is your electric scooter your trusted companion, but starting to show signs of wear and tear? Don't bid farewell just yet—instead, elevate your ride to new heights with Lifty's range of upgrades.

From new suspension systems to upgraded brakes, tyres, and more, we offer a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories to enhance your electric scooter's performance and comfort. Whether you're seeking smoother rides, improved handling, or enhanced safety, we have the solutions you need.

Don't let your electric scooter become a relic of the past. Instead, breathe new life into it with our upgrades and keep cruising for miles to come. Trust Lifty Electrics to transform your ride and experience the thrill of riding anew. Schedule your upgrades today and rediscover the joy of electric scootering with Lifty!



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